Our Mission

To fix the culture of American policing by instituting the Unity Policing model in police departments across the nation.

Our Difference

Unity Policing recognizes that the culture of American policing has been flawed from its inception and remains the single biggest challenge to the institution.

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The centerpiece of de-escalation is respect for the sanctity of life. Instead of officers acting as warriors, the practice of de-escalation provides the skills necessary to deflate tensions before force is necessary.

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The fact of the matter is: the job of a police officer is not easy. The Unity Policing model includes multiple aspects of officer wellness, ranging from mental health treatment to physical training programs.

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Unity Policing aims to develop a true, mutual empathy between police and people through education, sincere interactions, and honest (sometimes even uncomfortable) collaboration.

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Complacency at the top breeds indifference throughout the organization, impeding the chance for critical analysis, self-reflection, and positive change. The Unity Policing model requires much more from police leaders.

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Unity Policing seeks to open the doors of the department to its neighbors, in unprecedented ways, in pursuit of creating an impactful working relationship with the people.

Join Our Movement

Unity Policing is built on the voices and power of the people. We need your support to convince departments across the country to adopt the Unity Policing model. By donating, sharing our message, and taking action, you can be a catalyst for positive police reform in your community and those that need it most.


All donations used to secure the resources and tools necessary to effectively implement the principles of Unity Policing in participating police departments.

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We are movement powered by the people. Your input is integral to the development and
implementation of the Unity Policing model.